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Concert Comfort™ Waterproof Blankets

A waterproof blanket that's big enough to fit everyone!  

My extra-large waterproof blankets are designed with the user in mind.

  • They keep your seat dry by having a heavy duty waterproof rip stop nylon liner underneath a beautiful Mexican Satillo blanket! (See the photos on the right.)

  • If you ever get caught in the rain your versatile Concert Comfort™ waterproof blanket will help keep you and your items dry by covering them like a tarp would!

  • Our new stake down corners option makes our blankets even more versatile. They allow you to stake down your blanket on a windy day or tie it off to use as an overhead tarp.

Picnics are a great idea, with no worries about spills, or stains. Being made of acrylic it can be washed and dried with no shrinking of blanket fabric. (Note: They must be hung dry to protect the water proofing.)

Above all else, I take pride in my work! Each finished piece is made with industrial  strength thread, so they're designed to last. I've personally tested my blankets at many outdoor concerts. Everyone loves sitting on them and they stake out our territory to dance!

These blankets are versatile! They can be used as:

Stadium blankets Picnic blankets Camping blankets Rock climbing blankets Sporting event blankets Beach blankets Dog blankets Play blankets for your kids Shelter in a storm

There must be hundreds of other uses I haven't even thought of. Your Concert Comfort™ waterproof blanket is sure to be the most widely used blanket you'll ever own!

There is no comparison to other concert blankets on the market! Concert Comfort™ waterproof blankets are BIGGER and more DURABLE than the competition. Most other concert blankets are polar fleece. At a hot summer music festival your feet will sweat and as you dance get easily twisted up in the fabric. Not with my blankets! You'll be dancing a long time on these blankets and with no fading of the brilliant colors you'll always find your spot!

Enjoy!! ~ Heidi

Three Concert Comfort blankets