Concert Comfort™ Order Page

Note:  Our blankets are currently only available with stake down corners

Each Concert Comfortâ„¢ waterproof blanket is $100

Includes ground shipping and handling. You can also choose from overnight shipping or second day air shipping.

Photo of our stake down corner

The colors shown are for illustration purposes only.

Each blanket comes in a rainbow of colors. When you order by color you are choosing the predominant color. If the predominant color isn't an issue, choose "Random" when you order.

Due to variations in the manufacturing process and variations in the way computer monitors render colors, the actual primary color of your Concert Comfort™ waterproof blanket may be different than the color you see. The blankets in the photos on this page are good representations of the actual blanket you will receive.

We also have handy carrying straps available for $15.00, which includes shipping and handling.

Blanket with carrying strap.